Friday, April 20, 2012

.No, No, NO!.

I remember my friend once telling me way back in November about how the guy that she was dating told her no when she wanted to have sex. She tried to initiate the situation and he rejected her. Refused. She was so upset with him. She told me that she left his house crying from anger and didn't talk to him for days. She asked me "What kind of human being rejects sex?" Of course there are people who do it all the time, but they were already sexually involved and it wasn't like they were having too much sex that they needed a break from it. From what I'm told, people need to take breaks. Fine that's fair IF YOU'RE DOING IT ALL THE TIME. But when you're not knocking the boots regularly and then you hear a NO, as a woman, how do you think that makes her feel??

Men are physical creatures. Honestly, I want to attract the man's mind. Men fall in love more based off of the friendship while women fall in love faster when her and a man are just having sex, HOWEVER that doesn't take away from the fact that men are physical beings. A woman is always conscience of her body image, her sex appeal, and how to please her man physically. It's really important to us, so to be denied out of the blue? Numerous things run through her mind. The most important one, is that he's just not into you. That's it. Whether that's the case or not, that's what comes through the woman's head. Someone else out there has his attention and you've lost the sex appeal.

I remember saying "daggggggg, that's crazy!" I would never think that would happen to me. But it's real. And it happens.

It's along the lines of constantly being told no, when you ask someone to hang out. I'm sure you aren't asking that person to go to the church and walk down the isle, yet it's always no. No I can't do that. No, who is going? No, I can't hang out with you two. Just constant. That person doesn't even want to be around you. Red flag lady. Maybe this person just wants to be your friend and though hanging out is a part of a friendship, maybe the fact that he tells you no to just being a human and hanging out, he's really sending you another message? That's what that means to me. I'm not really sure. I've been told that my interpretations of things can be wrong which is 100% true. But I just look at things logically and realistically. If the person says no to everything you invite them to, they don't want to be around you. If that person says no to having sex with you, that person isn't really attracted. and GOD FORBID if these instances are from the SAME person. Time to move on. What's the reason for further discussion?? Give up! and Run Away!! FAST

But what do I know? I'm no love guru. Haven't been on a date in months lol. I'm just bored at work reading columns and texting my friends advice on things I don't know why they ask me about. Maybe it's my logical thinking. Actions speak louder than words. Except for the words Yes and No. Those two words seem to be loud and clear.

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