Friday, April 20, 2012

.Two things I'm pretty good at.

When one finds themselves in a whirl wind of self pity, unnecessary negativity, constant rejection from all things! -even sex and dates!!!; from the person that you like of course,(What kind of human are you to reject sex from someone? Obviouisly one who isn't INTERESTED at all. That is definitely a red flag!!!!) it's best that they do some self reflection and some self loving -mentally, emotionally, and physically (going to the gym or going down south) hey! I have to mention all things! I realized that I have a lot of different readers and I've never talked about anything that has to do with sex. ANYWHO!! It's important for one to pick yourself back up! Grab a list and some batteries and get things going again!

So I had to do the exact thing. I've experienced one or two of things listed above and had to get myself out of a funk. I'm not AMAZING Bianca for no reason! And I'm not going to let someone else and their fears, rudeness, or anger dictate how I think! (well not for today at least) On the list, I wrote down plenty of things but the two that I admire the most is my ability to forgive and move on so quickly. I can't tell you how many times I'm annoyed throughout the week. I can't tell you how consistent some people are with disappointing me (my dad for one) yet I hit the gym, release some endorphins, go to sleep and wake up over it. I can't let that drag. I'll even contact them the next day. Of course I don't do this with everyone. Some people piss me off and it's off with their heads! Never again am I dealing with them, and then there are others when maybe 10 minutes after we are cursing eachother out, being so over eachother, promising to never do things again, I can text them about something completely different. I've learned to love the fact that I CAN GET OVER THINGS AND MOVE ON. What's stopping you? If you're over the situation, reach out the person and keep it moving. No need to mess up your day because THEY suck. Just accept the situation, and keep it moving.

Another thing I admire about myself is the fact that I'm so good at flirting! lol I know this may sound a bit pompous now, but it's the truth! I can flirt with anyone! Men, Women, Grandparents, Parents, babies, animals. I just attract them. I love flirting. I do it all the time with whomever I can. I love to compliment them and give them the eye. There's been so many friends both men and women who have tried to build something with me due to my constant flirting. I can't help it. I'm fluent in sarcasm and a speak a little romance too. It's all a part of the package. It's so easy. I love it. Are you a good flirter? Or are you awkward?? Sometimes my flirting is just me insulting someone. LOL of course it's playfully but hey that's who I am. I'm a jerk and I attract jerks. I guess that's what makes us compatiable?

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