Wednesday, May 2, 2012

.The Moral of The Story Is.

So of course working in an office gets pretty weird. I definitely blogged about this 2 years ago when I was an intern at TV Land. Here are the latest of weirdness that I have found myself in.

Situation one.

So there's this lady who works on my floor. Every day I walk in and I say "Good Morning" and when I leave, I say "Good Night". I say these things to the lady yet she never says anything. She looks at me like I'm a weirdo for saying it. I know she isn't deaf or blind because she's an editor and you need those senses to do your job, sooooo I just shook it off and continued to say hello. So one morning, I'm walking into the building and she's in the elevator which is only like 13 steps away from the front door. She looks me in my eyes and closes the elevator door!! Of course, I raised my overly expressive eye brows and laughed to myself but I thought dang that's pretty rude. So I ride the elevator and get off at 7, that's my floor :), and look at who I see!! Ms. I'm not holding the elevator waiting because she forgot her ID and couldn't get in! *insert fake empathetic sad face* I get off the elevator with squinty eyes and a smirk, my signature face, and in my mind, I walk to her and whisper "who needs who" and as I'm keeping complete eye contact, I open the door ever so slightly so that only I can fit, never losing eye contact! But in reality, I kept the smirk on my face, said "oh good morning!" and opened the door -FOR ME FIRST OF COURSE. She smiled and said good morning then. smh shady!

The other incident is completely hilarious to me.
So there is this guy on the floor who happens to be black and I don't happen to know his name. He told me once on the same day I told him mine and everyday since then, he says Hello Bianca! and I felt terrible for not knowing his name and couldn't ask him what his name was again! I know he felt like we have a bond because I'm black too. (There's like 4 of us on the floor) So on Friday, I was handing out pay stubs and by the time I handed them all out, I only had two left. One for Greg and the other for Jeffrey. Guess whose check the black guy got!! I totalllllly thought his name was Jeffrey! Not just any Jeffrey! but Jeffrey Simpson!! AHAHAHAHAHA I felt crazy! He was in the room with someone else when I said "hey can I leave Greg's check here?" to this girl who shares the office with him and he's like I'm right here and I'm like oh man I didn't see you! LMAOOO I LOOKED RIGHT AT HIM WHEN I WALKED INTO THE OFFICE! Super embarrassing! But at least I know his name right??

ahaha. You can imagine how awkward I am already plus that? Crazy.

I'll share some more silly office things soon enough.

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ChailSuccess said...

LOL! Loved your blog post. That lady has super issues and the last incident was hilarious. I've done something like that before too!