Thursday, June 14, 2012

.dark vs. light.

I've always found this debate to be so intriguing. I personally don't pick a side being that I'm brown. Right there in the middle. When I was with the light skin man, I was the "brown suga babe". Constantly reminded of my beautiful brown skin. When I was with the dark skin man, he would tell me I'm light and in the winter time, I'd really hear about it. So I stand firmly and comfortably in the middle.

What brings me to this topic quite frankly was the Drake and Chris Brown fight. LOL Pretty funny. Drake through bottles at Chris Brown in the club and immediately I thought "That's a light skin thing to do".

Based off my experience, light skin men are very emotional. They sit around and discuss things and are about appearances and looks. They take those pictures with their lips slightly poked out, with the fresh hair cut, showing off their expensive car, shoes, or watches! The light skin men in relationships say things that they don't mean, they are the asshole, and they get crazy! They don't want you to leave and they don't want you to say. They lose their minds! They are good listeners but they aren't that fun. They don't have the funniest jokes and don't go out as much. They don't have to be social because their looks do all the talking for them. Yet the sexiness of their physical saves them every time. The perfect waves on their light skin heads have you  in a sea-sick type motion being pulled from here to there! They are emotional. They would throw bottles in the club.

Dark skin men with their tall, deep chocolate and manly looks, are triflin'. They don't care about anyone but themselves and are very selfish. They will go through the motions to get what they need. They don't care about their looks. Yea they have the new sneakers, but all of that emotional doesn't matter. They share when they need to and they don't care if you walk away fussing. They will let you go because you don't affect them or if you did, they will never show it. They love their boys. That's what matters. Their friends and their money. They have the best personalities. Funny, good time kind of guy. But they are the best lovers. They love you with everything that they have. They aren't passionate but they have strong desire and an urgency in their grasp. They are triflin'. They will slander your name. They are the ones instigating SO much that that light skin man will throw the bottle in the club.

What about the man in the middle? The brown skin man? He falls right in love just like the white boys do. It's actually pretty simple. It's a brown skin downfall. That's what happens. We get the best of both worlds.

These are all observations that I've had based off of experiences and the two lovers that I've had. Two different, from personality, to looks and to complexion. I already know what I'm getting into with the light and dark.

I love light skin men. I love dark skin men. I love men from all walks from the earth.

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