Monday, June 11, 2012

.The weekend in Review.

This past weekend, I decided to step out from my grandma ways and have some fun. I should have known that something would happen because every time that I do, something extreme happens.

My best friend changed her "lifestyle" two years ago. She was having a birthday party at this club and she invited me and my friend Curtis to go. We went but we both knew that there would be no one to catch our eyes there. So I'm having a great time and this girl approached me and DID THE MOST. I'll just leave it at that. I have no problem with people who live a certain "lifestyle" that's different from mine but I do have a problem with how aggressive they are. I told this woman that I was not interested in what she had to offer and I was here to support my friend. She tried to kiss me, danced on me all crazy, just did a lot. If I was to react super crazy and said something, then there would be an issue right? I understand the sensitivity of that "lifestyle" but that shouldn't mean that you can do whatever and say whatever. Other than that I HAD A BALL! Friday was Kanye West's birthday and as you know, I LOVE KANYE, I had to celebrate for him. I did everything that he would have done if he was with me and let's just say the night going into the next morning was wonderful. *insert smirk here* haha

Saturday I woke up to neck pains. I guess I was living life a little too much on Friday night/ Saturday morning. LOL I also got a text from Bank Of America telling me that somehow my debit card has been compromised and someone was spending my money :) They have put a restriction on my card and have sent me a new one. Of course I got the text message early evening when the local bank branch is closed and of course I work long hours enabling me to go to the bank and pick up a card. So I'm pretty much money-less until the card pops up in the mail. :D Wonderful!

Sunday I wake up and decide to update my iPod. It's been a while since I've added some new music and I haven't updated my iTunes and iPod in months. So I update it and I LOSE ALL OF MY MUSIC. I had over 3000 songs that I can't get back. I started downloading music on my desktop computer way back in 7th grade. Since then, I've had 2 laptops worth of music that was on there that I can't get back. Super depressing. I rely on music for everything!!! Ughhh. So saddening. I'm really depressed. Sucks big time.

And my stomach has been hurting me for the past 3 days. I need to see a doctor.

:) still smiling because things can be worse. Hope your weekend was a bit better.

OH! This morning while I was on the train coming into work, I was on the phone with Bank of America, asking them when I should expect my card and if I can go to an ATM to access my funds so I will at least have something and then were giving me such a hard time and I hung up on the them and told them this is so inconvenient! I didn't even have money on my metro card! Now I had to walk to work and maybe be late! I was super annoyed and then the man next to me slid me some money to get my metro card. Strangers always give me money.

:) Super blessed.

Keep a smile on your face. Even when things suck and people disappoint. It's not the end of the world.

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