Wednesday, June 6, 2012



Marriage has always been a wonder to me. Especially in our current day and age. People hardly stay together and leave at the first signs of trials, hardships and issues of compromising. People are quick to leave and try something new, falling into temptation and taking the easy way out. I've heard time and time again how people are just against marriage! And if you go to any website, turn to any channel, you see how celebrities, our "role models" can't seem to stage in a marriage past 80 days! So naturally I thought, "wow" I guess this is it. Marriage will be a thing of the past!

Until I started working in the city. Everywhere I turn, I see the "symbol". The wedding band and HUGE engagement rings. Where did all of this come from? Literally everyone is married. Is it only corporate America with the traditional values? That's what it seems like to me. It makes absolute sense, all a part of the American Dream. The good job, the house (in the Hamptons), the spouse, the kids and the dog! The "committed" actually exists and not just in my outlandish dreams!!

So with that, hope was risen inside of me. I began to look around, became more interested in those around me and how my outfits look. (Only when I'm coming to work in the City of course. I can careless about Jersey lol) I started to notice the stares and smirks. I started to smirk back and give my long stare. If I find you interesting, not just good looking, I won't stop looking at you until you leave or I leave. It's a fun game I like to play. I like to see how long I can look into your eyes without moving away. So as I'm beginning to perfect my skill, I started to let my eyes look elsewhere..right to the hand.

and I find time and time again "THE SYMBOL". The men who play the game back, who have the smirks, who are actually quite attractive and are at the perfect places I love to go like the museum or the gym, ARE MARRIED. Came across this GORGEOUS man last night. He was my complexion -based on my previous experiences dark skin men are TRIFLIN' and light skin men are A LOT of work, more work that I am.- anywhos he was my complexion, tall, nicely built, everything that I don't usually come across, especially in Jersey. He was giving me the stares even kept walking past me and working out at all of the machines that were close to me and then I saw it. I saw the ring.

Why are all the men that I seem to be attracted to UNAVAILABLE!!! Either emotionally, physically OR MARRIED! lol Maybe I'm just too picky? It's so hard to come across a man for me that just makes me get all hot and bothered. I'll just take this as yet another one of the MANY signs from God that my focus shouldn't be there but on myself?

Bleh. lol

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