Tuesday, June 5, 2012

.Steady Breaking Me on Down.

Yesterday was a great day for me. I did have a little trouble with one person who is pretty much overstepping their boundaries and duties, but I'll remain the adult in the situation. But overall, it was really great. First day at a new place, nice refresher from this weekend and it's drama. This weekend wasn't as heavy as it once was, but it wasn't the lightest either.

This morning I woke up in tears. The reality from my dream was too much. Brought me all the way down. You were gone and the pain that I already feel now, just from the thought and having to deal and live with what I'm given, exploded all over me. I was a wreck in my dream. It was so emotionally real, that I cried. A lot to handle. Now is a joyous time me for, why are these thoughts lingering in my mind? :( Ughhh this is going to be so tough. So bittersweet.

Whatever negative forces are out there tyring to bring me down, please go! I need prayers guys. Please pray for me.

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