Thursday, June 14, 2012


So the season is wrapping and we've seen some great progression  for Hannah in terms of her relationship with Adam but none in any other department of her life. She's still unemployed and she had a terrible fight with Marnie. Boo-hoo. I'm anxious to see how the season finale plays out next Sunday. I'm really happy to see that Adam pretty much "manned up" to the relationship that he was in. Always nice to see that asshole give in and make the girl happy.

This blog isn't about that though. It's about the slack that the show has been getting because of its lack of diversity. Seriously black community? Seriously? Because you, the "average" black girl that you think that this white girl is going to write you into the show is going to fit in with her? Your friends look like her and her friends? Black people seriously annoy me with this! We always want to fit into places where we honestly don't have to be. We are just like these girls, yes. We can relate to dating the asshole that no one likes or we have friend issues with that one overly selfish friend, but we don't look like or act like or hang out with that group. And if it was decided that a black girl friend would be into the mix, she would be NOTHING like you want her to be. And then you'd be complaining again. Because that black girl who is full of sarcasm, who listens to the bands, who goes to the museums and warehouse parties at unknown locations in Brooklyn REALLY DOES EXIST! but she's nothing like how you are. She's nothing like you approve. Look at the show for what and who it is. 4 "girls" in their early twenties trying to find themselves. Relate to that concept. Look at the sarcasm, the irony, the realness of it. It wouldn't be realistic enough for the blacks to see the "token blackie".


I'm a young black woman and I see no problem in it. We wouldn't hear white people crying and complaining about not being in a show if it was an all black cast? I seriously don't think that whites do it deliberately. I think that black women need to reevaluate who they are and where they fit and how they should be depicted. We always have something to say.

Black men and Donald Glover seems to be fine with the black man and his character. (Who appears next season.)

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Alisa said...

i love this show and as a black girl I don't see any problem with the all white cast either. I have heard ppl complain and thought the same things about the black girl in that group of friends wouldn't be what most black people would assume and then the show would get even more flack for the black girl not being "real" enough. one of my besties lives in new york and has mostly white friends and she is one of a few "types" of black girls that I could see fitting into that show.

and oooh i love me some donald glover!