Monday, August 6, 2012

Can people change?

I mean yeah, obviously people can change. I don't expect someone to be the exact same way over time and I know that feelings change but can someone change?

I'm talking more in the sense of you tell me you're unhappy with me for whatever reasons and I work on it and try to make changes for you. Or I felt a strong way or behaved a certain way for a long time and because of you or a situation, I've changed. Or does my same ways that drove the distance between us come back?

I'm not sure anymore. I used to believe in things like that. That people will change but I'm not sure that they will. Myself included.

I know that I have flaws. I know that I'm not perfect and I know that I make people unhappy. I'm conscience of these things and I try my best to change not for them, but for myself. I want to better myself for the next people that I interact with and also I hate arguing with people that matter to me. I hate having a bad feeling floating around us. I just want to kiss and make up and change what was causing the issue.

But everyone isn't like me. I can only speak for myself. Once I make a conscience effort to better myself, I tend to stick through it. But there are just some things that are a part of my personality that I won't ever change.

hmm just something I was pondering up on the train. I just don't see change ever happening in some people and I was wondering if that would or is me.

I guess it all depends on your personal level of happiness and how you like to be perceived by those close around you and if you like to make them happy.

eh but what the hell do I know.

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