Monday, August 6, 2012

Tonight I'll ease your mind.

So I know that the overall feeling of my blog has been pretty sad and down for about a year and a half. I was dealing with things that there's no need to discuss again. I still am dealing with some things but I'm tired of giving those things all my energy and happiness. I didn't really feel like myself anymore and that's sad. I was giving the wrong things too much of my attention and reaction instead of just brushing things off and going with the flow.

BUT I'm back. :)

So one of the main things that were kind of a struggle and definitely a big concern, was my job. There were big changes that I had to get used to here at ABC and I just didn't want to go about it in the wrong way. I needed to find my place and make my mark and always be patient. I AM THE MOST IMPATIENT PERSON nowadays. It's like when I don't get my way, I have a tantrum. I don't know where this girl came from! I was never like that. The only thing I can say, is that it's probably because so many things weren't happening for me, I just kept complaining and nagging and from the bottom of my heart, I'm truly sorry. I'm so sorry.

Moving on.

There's someone who hired me and opened the door for me to enter into the industry. I met him a year before I was able to work with him. He saw something in me and brought me on and I'll forever be grateful to him. Of course, I'm grateful to God, but that just meant a lot to me. For someone to see something in me and believe in me and care. Well I'm here with him at ABC, and in the position that I'm in, I have some limits that were really hard for me to adjust to. But I'm taking it all in, day by day, and last week I was invited to join a new team. When the show starts, I'll be working in the Green Room with the guests, their posse, and with the talent. THAT'S SO EXCITING FOR ME! I'm going to be the point of contact that everyone will remember. I'm going to help make their experience here great and I get to network with some real important and big people! I'm so happy. It came unexpectedly and it just brought tears to my eyes. That again, this man has faith in me and sees so much in me that he continues to bring me on and help me out.

So I'm definitely happy that things are looking a little better. :)

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