Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Talk about a weekend.

The hurricane was wild. W I L D. After getting safely to my mom's house. The hurricane broke several windows in her apartment, trees were overturned. The gas line at my (late) grandmother's house was down, putting my aunt and cousin in danger. There are loose wires on the ground, my car is trapped. We have no power, luckily we have a gas stove to cook. It's the same story at my dad's house.

But I had to go to work today. So I'm currently in the office, looking up and reading about the damages. I've never been more happy to be at work and in the light!

Thanks to all those who checked up on me by shooting me a text or email. IT IS SO APPRECIATED! I got texts and emails from people from Vegas all the way down to Florida to Houston to Bermuda and Jamaica. I even got random tweets from people I don't even know, but they know I'm from Jersey. If you know me, like really know me, you know how much that means to me. The fact that you cared enough to see how I made it? That means everything.

Thanks. Thanks for letting me be a thought. I'm just so thankful that the window didn't bust and cause crazy damage. And I'm glad that everyone was safe. 

Here's a pic I was able to capture when I was able to turn my phone on. OH! and the cell phone service SUCKS. It's so hard to get through to people. It took me hours to respond to my dad to let him know that I was ok. I'll get some more as the days pass. I'm sure the aftermath damage will be long-lasting.

This one isn't one that I took, but look at Seaside Heights! that's just a glimpse of the damage. The rollercoaster and famous ferris wheel is GONE. wiped out. Exists no longer. It's so sad if you've never got to experience Seaside other than through the Jersey Shore.

Look at New York's MTA Subway System! I have NO clue how I'm going to be able to commute to work the next month! The NJ Transit trains aren't running until further notice and the only bus system that's working is in Camden. There are 6 million homes without power. I'm guessing I have to drive into work? Ugh I can't even think about how expensive that's going to be. 

Most airlines are shut down. Hopefully they are open by next week. 


Keep us in your prayers.

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