Monday, October 15, 2012

Karrueche or Rihanna

Which one are you?

I was talking to a couple of friends this weekend with regards to this situation. One friend was saying that Rihanna is stupid because people don't change. We are pretty much who we are and that she should know that Chris isn't going to make any efforts to show her that or to do better. She never really let him go and that he doesn't know what it's like to truly lose her. She told me that she believes that once you keep getting away with something, you have no incentive to do any different. I told her that yeah that's true. I believe it. However, I don't think that men need to have something taken away from them to get the wake up call. I just think that if they want to be there for you, they will. You can leave a man and never hear from them again no matter how sad they may feel about it. I don't think that doing the extreme, makes you get the guy. When speaking to another friend on the topic, she saluted Rihanna. Women go back to men that they love and are addicted to ALL THE TIME. It's as if we are so concerned at what everyone else says and thinks about our situations, we forget about what we feel and what we think and what matters the most to us. I think that that's bold of Rihanna to follow through what she feels and what she wants. It's not about what everyone thinks, it's about what makes you happy. What you want to fight for and work for. My other friend thought that that's weak of her- that she's wonderful and she's lessening herself for a guy who isn't worthy. She told me that she hopes that she never becomes weak because of a man. I told her that everyone has weaknesses and flaws and that we need to keep in mind that when you truly love someone, you accept them for those flaws. No one is perfect and I wouldn't want the pressure to be perfect to anyone.

In my opinion, now is the time to get things wrong. To experiment and go through the different emotions now, because I'm NOT trying to go through the things that I've gone through in my late 20's. This early 20's life is HARD. It's a constant grind. I'm always on a wave of emotions because things are just tricky. Tricky with work, Tricky with what I want, Tricky with my impatience, Tricky with love/like/lust. Just tricky and all of that effects how I act in all different aspects of my life. I'd rather not have it together now than not have it together later. And I would expect the same for a young man. (lol I have to be careful when I use expect and young man in the same sentence)

Then there's Karrueche. She thought that she would come into the picture and be the one to wipe away the old residue of heartbreak. She didn't. She got her heartbroken, so that Chris Brown can work on his friendship with the one woman that he loved. Though he claims to love both of the girls. She was just a filler. How many of us girls are fillers? Just something to do when there's nothing to do until that girl that he always hold near and dear to his heart pops back into the picture? Imagine feeling that. Someone who you thought loved you and wanted to be with you. That's so scary.

Blahh. Moving on has to be the hardest thing in the world! But it's possible!

What would Rihanna Do? lol

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