Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Long Island Medium

Yesterday the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo, came to my job. We did a show on Heaven and After-life. It was a great show, we had Theresa who was communicating with spirits of those who passed, Mary Neal, who was in an accident and says that she went to heaven for 15 minutes and came back because it wasn't her time, Colton Burpo, who at four-years-old underwent a major surgery and claims the same as Mary, and a 18-year-old girl who paints MAGNIFICENT pictures of heaven-like places and Jesus based off of visions that she's been having since she was four. It was a really great show.

I was especially interested because I believe in spirits and the after-life. I believe in positive spirits and negative spirits equally. In order to know and believe that something is good, you have to know and experience the bad. After the show, Theresa came into the green room to do a digital short for our website and she started to talk about how she feels a spirit of a young man who died recently. He was close in age of someone in the room and she just looked at me. I knew immediately who it was that she was talking about. I walked over to her and she told me that he says hello and that everything is ok, that he's at peace. He mentioned to tell his mother the same and then he said that my grandfather was coming over to say something. I just immediately started crying. I am VERY connected to my dreams. I often dream of those two. My grandfather and the young man, Chaz -who was my oldest friend. When I dream of them, it's' not like any other dream. I remember them so vividly. There face and all and we talk the entire dream and often hug. I just don't like letting them go. Towards the end of the dream, we always have to say goodbye. I often cry because I don't want to let go. They always tell me that they have to go and I tell them no. I hug and kiss them one last time and then I wake up. It's not like any other dream. So to have that happen to me and it was those two was just wonderful. A lot of people are skeptical about things like that and spirits and even Theresa herself, but I knew that it was the real deal, and I oddly knew that I would interact with her and that that would happen. She offered me free tickets to one of her shows too. Such a great and sweet lady with awesome energy.

To Pop-Pop and Chazzy Wazzy, I miss you guys too. Thanks for wanting to say hi. :) xoxo

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