Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Who I'm looking for is staring in my face

When did everything become about sex? Or why?

When you're dating or looking and being actively single, the thing that attracts you, well at me, is how attractive someone is. And with attraction, comes the act of being physical. No, I'm not saying that I give it up and I'd jump your bones, but of course the thought is there.

What I'm trying to figure out is how do you navigate the dating world with trying to avoid and not talk about sex. I can openly talk about it. I have no problems discussing it and I actually like to talk about it but I'm a fronter. I'm not going to actually do it, but I don't have a problem discussing it. Why is everything about sex? Why is that the topic that comes to mind? Why is it so easy for people to talk about sex rather than the things that they like or things that they are interested in? Why can't you respond quickly to those kinds of text messages but when you're talking about what's your favorite thing that your partner does to you while having sex, you can text it up!

My goal is to try to not talk about it that much. Mentally, I'm stuck in habits of discussion and openness from a previous experience in my life. So now I'm having to retrain myself to not talk about. I'm sure that it's frustrating to the listening ear since I'm definitely not putting out. I'm actually practicing celibacy. lol It's not that hard being that I really didn't have the best or frequent sex-life overall.

I just don't know why sex just always pops up and lives in my mind! Why is everything about sex?

I'm working on it. lol It's a growing process.

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