Monday, April 15, 2013



There's all of these different outlets and venues that we all have to watch and stalk each other silently. It's made cowards out of the outgoing and personalities out of the self-conscious. We can't do anything without posting or liking or commenting. We always have to know what the next person is up to rather than going out and enjoying life as we are currently living it. Instead of going after the girl or the guy, we just watch and yearn them from a distance.

It's a constant battle of popularity. How many followers, fans, likes, re-posts. It's about marketing yourself to the world.

Who cares how many followers you have? Why does it really matter if no one re-posts or likes your picture? Those who don't care are the ones that have the most control. Those who say what they want without the approval of others and the popular. Without worrying about if someone agrees. Standing my your lone opinion and feeling. Not apologizing for saying and feeling and posting.

You go out to dinner and someone is always on their phone. On social media. If that's what's so important to you, be alone. That's what it is really. You, amongst tons of other people who are alone, looking for someone who agrees. To make you feel better.

Conformity at it's best.

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