Monday, May 6, 2013

My apologies

I was really attempting to do the April Writing Challenge. Not because I wanted a challenge with my writing - though the challenge was interesting to do as a writer- but because I wanted to challenge myself with fully going through with something. To see if I was truly ready for some kind of commitment. I didn't like all of the challenge topics, but I wanted to follow through with something.

Just as usual, I gave in. I always seem to give in.

But lately, I've just been feeling so wonderful. Falling in love with myself and not apologizing for the people, ideas, thoughts and moments that I'm leaving behind. I'm no longer concerned about things that used to bother me just 5 months ago. It's a liberating feeling.

The transformation from insecure to self-love is amazing. Truly wonderful.

Doing and not doing because I CHOOSE TO. Not having to explain or justify.

Such a great feeling.

I've also been giving out a lot of advice lately. Which is so weird because I never think people are really that interested in my ways of thinking. Well I know that they are but I don't understand why. But I've begun to stop questioning that. I am amazingbianca for a reason. Time to start believing and living that.

I hope you missed me though.

I do have a bad habit of going missing but that's only because I'm waiting for the right "situation" to come and distract me.

aka I'm waiting on that "call out of work text."


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