Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I break a nail.

I know it's so cliche but it just ruins e v e r y t h i n g. I have to cut all my nails and start from scratch. It then causes me to trying my nail polish and forces me to get a new manicure no matter how short the distance between my last one. My nails become so sharp. I almost always get caught in my hair or I find these little scratches across my face.

I also get upset when people disappoint me. Like Duke losing to Louisville. I can't believe how scared they play! As if they aren't the number two seed! Are they that uppity, that they're afraid to steal the ball, play defensive and most wildly, play aggressive? It's literally the most annoying thing this past month!

I get upset when people merge into my lane without using their signal light or not asking me if they could. It GRINDS MY GEARS! I will beep my horn behind you for miles! "How dare you? Seriously? Are you serious right now?," are just some of the nicer things I say.

I get upset when my little sister leaves just one drop of something in a container. It can be tooth paste, milk, water, shampoo, or lotion. She always leaves just enough so she doesn't have to throw it anyway!! It kills me every time! Pull my hair out kills me.

What about you?

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