Friday, April 12, 2013


Hmm. This post is hard. 

I'm a dreamer. Like a huge dreamer. I tend to think and hope and rely on my "dreamer" thoughts of how things will work out for me and things are always different. But I'm me so I'll give you what the writing challenge asks for.

This summer will be different. That's something that I know for sure. I'm finally free from the emotional bondage that I've allowed myself to be in for years. I finally reached a point where I just don't have any more reactions. I'm in such a beautiful space and place. I feel content with my decisions and my silence. I feel secure in no longer feeling and breathing that person in. I'm no longer suffocating in pain and confusion. I'm free and I'm growing.

I'm in love. This summer my love will bloom and become greater. My heart feels stronger and fuller. I feel bolder. 

Naturally I come alive in the summer time. I let go of whatever is ailing me and I just do it. 

This summer the classic nights will resurface. The laughs will be painful - you know the ones where you're crying and gasping for air? The love will be ten times more salacious. 

I will finally be here. I will finally enjoy myself.

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