Friday, April 12, 2013

#APRRILWRITINGCHALLENGE DAY 12: My favorite part of childhood was

building tents with my best friends out of sheets and hair scrunchies.
taking showers with my siblings and friends. (yeah you read that right)
collecting Spice Girls lollipops and stickers.
being proposed to by various different boys with Ring Pops.
riding around and getting it in my Barbie Jeep.
playing man hunt around my grandma's house.
spending the night and sleeping in my grandparents bed with them.
attempting to sneak ice cream out of the fridge and my pop-pop catching me.
reading the phonebook because I was bored. (please spare your jokes)
modelling and being in commercials.
losing teeth and waiting for the tooth fairy. (try losing a tooth now, no more money or extra teeth to grow in)
not liking guys and not having to worry about if they were trying to have sex with me or if they really wanted to play or be my friend haha
all of the great snacks that aren't around anymore.
Valley Fair.

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