Sunday, August 4, 2013

Black and Sexy

I just got finished wrapping one week of my two weeks vacation. The week has been super chill. Hanging out with family and some friends, just enjoying small things that I haven't really done in so long. The weekend is just too short for me to fit in all of the simple joys that I once was surrounded in. And I got to catch up on some tv.

I like to watch this web-series on YouTube called "Awkward Black Girl" starring Issa Rae. (It's hilarious, you should definitely watch it.) I've told a bunch of people about it and my friend had recently recommended that I watch another series from Issa Rae's partners over at Black and Sexy TV (a channel on YouTube.) The series that I watched was called "Hello Cupid" which is so good! But what I'm really writing this blog about is my admiration for the creators of Black and Sexy TV.

There's a series called "The Couple". -clearly I watch most of what the channel has to offer. The series follows a black couple that lives together. You see their interactions at home, at a restaurant, dealing with neighbors, sleeping on their "designated" sides of the bed - you just see them being in love. And it is SO BEAUTIFUL. It's so refreshing to see and watch something that you can relate to other than trifling baby-mama, side chick drama that you see regularly on Maury, Love and Hip Hop and The Game. It's very disheartening to me to continuously watch black love be depicted and associated with such negativity. It's as if we, the black community, won't and can't win. It's grown to be a rarity that the man is fully committed and happy with his woman. We hardly ever see him showing her genuine love, telling her she's beautiful, being faithful, listening to her and that's sad. It's also pretty scary. We are watching, programming and training ourselves to expect the worst and put up with it. It's not all on the man, black women are also being naggy, whores and money hungry. It's nothing that I want to look forward to. Then I come across "The Couple" and it just brings warmth to my heart. To see that a black man and woman can show real love to each other. They aren't hesitant to be themselves in fear of the other person's lack of acceptance. We see the petty arguments about directions and taking too much space in the bed. We see them taking care of each other when the other person is sick. We see affection - not just sex, but affection, like back rubs, pillow fights, compliments.

It is so refreshing and hopeful. I'm not a pessimistic but watching all the negativity just allows the negative experiences I've had linger in my life. I would much rather see some positive interaction, think about a similar experience and smile about it. Too often I remember how sad and bad I felt rather than the great moments that I once shared with someone. It's so promising to know that just like I had those experiences in the past, I'm going to have them again. That love, tenderness and passion really does exist. That someone really does care enough to fight with and for you. That's all love is anyway. Truly accepting someone else's crazy and flaws then working past that. It's wonderful to know that there are people still out there that believe and feel the same as I. And it's even better that there are a group of people that choose to shine light to that rather than glorify the hoes, cheaters and liars.

Sooooo I said all that to say, you should check out Black and Sexy TV. They offer a bunch of different series that I think you'd enjoy. Especially if you're a reader of my thoughts.

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