Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I'm really happy.

I hope to not come across sad or anything on here. I just like to express the real feelings, emotions and doubts that we all go through. People have expressed to me that reading my blog has made them sad and that's not my intentions. I just find it healthy to express some feelings that bother me.

I really like myself and how secure I've become. I have my moments - I think we all do, but I really do feel secure in who I am within my relationships, my friendships, as a daughter, sister, aunt and worker. I'm comfortable with my weaknesses and I gleam in my advantages. Also I'm no longer allowing misfortunes and fears of others, effect who I am or take away myself from me.

I'm completely open. I feel it. I'm not going to be petty when things don't go my way but I'll just sit back and brush it off.

I always say Jesus take the wheel and now I'm truly letting Him drive and I feel wonderful. I really want to do it right this time around.

I'm so much mature than I was a couple of months, weeks or even days ago.

I'm really happy. :)

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