Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What's Your Impact?

Today Maya Angelou passed away. Normally public deaths don't bother me much as we all have to experience death but today, my soul is mourning. It feels like a great aunt of mine has transitioned as Maya was such an important staple in the Black American community.

The other day,  was asked if I wanted to leave a legacy and to explain. The answer was of course. No, I don't have those huge dynasty dreams, but I want to make an impact in people's lives. In every life that I interact with. I really want to bring the best out in people and to cover them with education and love. I feel that there is no reason why someone (especially someone in America) shouldn't have education. Knowledge is truly power. You can say what you want, hit me, talk about me, but you will never have the knowledge that I possess. You will never take that away from me. You can change lives by what you know and you can change lives by how you make people feel. I want to help people accept and embrace forgiveness and peace. I want to help people not only be the love that they seek but to try their best in everything that they do. And I most importantly want them to realize that their best is all that they have and to always feel good about that. At least you've tried with the purest intentions and that right there, will make the difference. Be positive, believe in the good world and you will see it.

I'm called a dreamer often. Initially, that bothered me but now it's just what I think the world needs to push change. I can't be that person that knows the solution but won't do anything about it because it's just me against the world. Everything major that's happened in life, started with ONE person and their idea, belief, or passion. I'll be that dreamer with hopes, vibrations and positive energy going out towards change.

When I'm finished with this part of my existence, I want the world around me, whether it's a small number or a huge mass like Maya Angelou was able to reach, to have learned something from me.

When asked "what would you like carved on your tombstone," Angelou said "I did my best, I hope you do the same."

Be the love you seek.

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