Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Halftime. Time to think it through

What a time in life!

I've moved out! Whoop there it is. Took me a while but I had to do what's best for me. I was always waiting for something. Waiting for more money, waiting for a roommate, waiting for this, waiting for that. Then I just took a leap of faith and went and got something for myself. Should be interesting. I'm enjoying it thus far.

What I really want to talk about is taking a leap of faith. Yesterday morning, I was watching Good Morning America and a Boston Marathon survivor had just had a baby and I thought wow, look at how much his life changed due to an unexpected circumstance. There was a clip that they showed where he was saying that being positive and moving on was key. He said something along the lines of life being a marathon and not a sprint. It made me think. I'm sure when he lost both of his legs, he didn't understand. He questioned God. All of his visioned dreams and goals were shattered for that moment. But he took that leap of faith and pressed on despite his whole world changing. It was just so awesome for me to hear. It gave me the push I needed to take my own leap of faith. Granted there hasn't been a tragic circumstance like he encountered but something different and scary has happened.

There are things that I want and I've tried everything. Turned every stone looking for an answer or a way and still, not where I need to be. So instead of trying and looking, I'm taking a leap of faith. I've come to a place where I forgive myself for things. I laugh at my stubborness at trying to do this on my own. And most importantly, I not only ask Jesus to take the wheel, but I allow Him to.

Living life with a smile on your face is truly lovely. Being easy and simple towards the circumstances, problems, issues is even better. I encourage you to stop, breath and let it go. Then watch what you want, come to you in the perfect way that it should!

Energy flows where attention goes.


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