Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Is it odd for me, being a young black woman to kind of understand the thinking of the angry white middle class?

Let me further explain.

Black lives matter. 
But all lives matter. As a black woman, I look at my family, interns, coworkers with fear and anxiety because I don't want their precious lives to be taken away. Black people are often targeted, harassed and murdered by the hands of police. In that regard, yes our lives matter. No one wants to put their child, father, loved one in the ground because of a police altercation. But what really frustrates me is that we aren't chanting that ALL lives matter. It's no secret that racism is here, living, breathing and working in America. For whatever reasons, racism has always been here and I truly believe that by adding my name to the "Black Lives Matter" list, I'm adding to that ongoing, never ending cycle of racism. I think the focus should be that all lives matter and not just blacks. I see why the slogan is important because too often, being a black person, you are disregarded, you don't get the privilege, you don't get the job or the salary or if you do, you don't get the colleagues that look like you. But shouldn't we be preaching acceptance? I know it's hard to say this or even think this way when black culture is "America's culture" where everyone wants to talk, dress, dance, and act like black Americans, but no one wants to be them, love them or marry them. That upsets me but I do think that the focus on a color, won't get us anywhere.
So yes, white middle class, I get that you're over the "Black Lives Matter" movement but please check why you're over it.

Freedom of speech/religion.
Do we even have that anymore? Over the past 2 years, the attention, acceptance and welcoming of homosexuality and the transgender community, has been overwhelming. I have my own thoughts and opinions about it which I'd rather not go too much into detail about but what's frustrating is that there are parts of my religious faith that I'm made to feel like I can't discuss because then I'm discriminating or being hateful. I'm being like one of the many white people in my nation's past, that weren't accepting of black people just 50 years ago. That pisses me off. There's no comparison to someone disagreeing with something based on their religion vs having a closed mind. I don't think people should be made to feel like their religion or views no longer matter just because they don't agree with it! Do I think it's fair to discriminate or harass others because you don't agree, no. You should keep your nasty ways and violence to yourself but for me to not be able to openly agree or disagree is upsetting. Especially when we have members of congress that are supposed to be representing you and your views and you're made to feel like they aren't (but politics is a totally different topic).

- I'm not condoning or understanding actions and racist reasonings of white middle America, I'm just saying, I understand. I think understanding the person on the other side of your conflict is key in making change. I hope you're reading angry white middle America just like I hope black America is too.

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Anonymous said...

We never said all lives didnt matter with "Black Lives Matter." However, as blacks living in America, our lives are in danger. It is just as simple as that. They will never understand our struggle.