Monday, October 3, 2016

I'm not one for self discipline. Don't get me wrong, I can discipline myself but to refrain from what I love has always been tough.

Today I woke up with forgiveness on my heart. I've always been one to pray for the skill to quickly forgive others. It's a great thing because I never hold a grudge but it's bad because I don't always walk away with a lesson learned. It's like instead learning to avoid touching fire, I only remember that I was healed.

I always admired the discipline of my one friend. He could resist anything. This year he shared some things that have stuck out more than any advice he's ever given me. At first the words stung but I'm thankful because if they would have never been shared, I wouldn't have grown to know self discipline. Every day something in me wants to reach but then I remember the sting and the burn and it keeps me away. I forgive but I can't forget that feeling.

I guess this is me seeing the bright side.

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