Sunday, August 24, 2008

.you are not alone-i am here with you.

.why is it that people fear being alone? i never really quite understood that. we were born into this world alone so there has to be times when we are alone. why do people feel the need to be in a relationship at all times. i'd love to be in the whole relationship thing and blah blah blah but it is when you are alone and thinking to yourself; that you figure out who it is you really are. you have noone else to face and be around so you deal with the imperfections of yourself, and the greatness of yourself and you learn from there.

.from my experience from being alone, i've learned to just sit back and watch the world. i've learned what it is that i truly like to do; i've learned to distinguish what Bianca likes and not what her friends like her to like; and that's the most important thing i've taught myself. a lot of people deal with the issue of pleasing others;whether they know they are intentionally doing it or not, pleasing others is a big part of our society. but why? why must we please another when at the end of the day when we go to sleep and close our eyes, there is only one person left in your head and that's YOU! those people that you chose to please aren't there with you. you are by yourself and no matter what you will always have me, myself and i. why please the world when the world will change and can leave you, but there will always be you?

stay true to yourselves young grasshoppers. why be like everyone else when there is only one you. live your roll to it's fullest. you are the star in your movie. get that oscar. shoot that's what i'm going to do with my movie life that i live.

[title from You are Not Alone by Michael Jackson- qouted directly from the great MJ]

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