Sunday, August 24, 2008

.you're my little secret & that's how we should keep it.

.ever find yourself being that other person? or that girl or guy that is hidden from the world? that feeling absolutely sucks. so many times and times again do people find themselves being that secret person. why must someone be sheltered and kept a secret? are they not good enough? are they not the person that you want to let people know about? why must they have to be hidden? made to feel that they can't totally make you happy because you won't even claim them? made to only have you when you allow it? made to succumb to only a part of what they deserve because you aren't willing to give them everything?

.there have been many times when i was that secret. recently i found out that i still remain a secret. it hurts so bad. i would never make anyone a secret. what's fun about that? making someone feel that they are only useful when you need something from them. only using them for your own personal pleasures? there were soo many times when i just wanted to let the world know about my position; but i would never want to put the pain on the person that i was being hidden from. i'd rather be hurt than to hurt someone else. -- i just realized that. i'd never want to put anyone through my pain but yet i'd take the piercing pain to safe another from feeling it. i highly doubt that anyone would do that for me, or anyone else for that matter but yet i'd care about that other person's feelings enough to just be quiet and let go of the forbidden lust that i partook in.

.for those people who do like being that secret, karma is crazy and when you find that one that you truly love, you may have a bone in the closet that is awaiting you. how can you possibly feel good knowing that you aren't really desired? but just something to do when someone is bored?

.for those people who have those secrets, why? why can't you either be happy with what you have? or why can't you just leave what you xscape to your little secret for? making up your mind is only as hard as you make it. stop hurting people.

[title from Little Secret by Xscape-qouted directly from the chorus lol]

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