Monday, September 8, 2008

.can't wear skinny jeans cuz my knots don't fit.

.i know that i'm probably the trillionth person to say or talk about this, but it's truly killing me!! why is the world obessed with looking like everyone else? why do we woman force ourselves into becoming what our society views as beautiful or acceptable? when does our opinion of ourselves truly matter? why must we have to change our image and body size to please the eyes of others, but not the eyes that we come in contact with more than anyone else's. [OUR EYES FOR THOSE WHO DON'T LOOK IN THE MIRROR EVERYDAY] we are the one's that see ourselves the most, so why is it so hard to please ourselves yet so easy to change our self perception to try to fit in with others?

.lately i've been dealing with trying to make my body acceptable to what everyone around me is. going to school and looking at the desired girls or the popular one's made me subconsciencely think that i had to slim down some to fit in? that's the wackest thing i think i could ever think of. i'm beautifully and wonderfully made. and so what if these guys aren't concerned with me and my looks, i'm here for education, and even when i leave school, i have someone who loves me for me and that's all that matters. i just think it's sad that people are trying to make themselves be that size 2 or 0 because their favorite model or actress or personality is that size. and even though many people have these desires subconsciencely, it's still PATHETIC. we need to learn to appreciate the beauty that we are given.

.i've made the decision to work my hot bod to the fullest, and just appreciate what i have. i'm impressing myself. right now noone else's opinion about my looks will matter, whether they say it or not. i congrat those few people who wear what they want despite what people say or think. they are the ones whom people should look up to. they are true lovers of themselves, and not the world. i feel that when you learn to appreciate yourself, God truly smiles down on you. how can you hate what God has made? not saying to abuse your body by allowing yourself to get unhealthy, but God loves us the way we look, why can't we? God is the one who truly matters in the end.

.i just hope that those people who are obsessed, find love.

[title from swagger like mine by T.I.- quoted directly from JiggamanHOV]

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