Tuesday, September 2, 2008

.you can pay for school, but you can't buy class.

.another year of school to begin. how are you going to do this differently? how am i going to do this differently? what friendships are going to be the same? which are going to be different? what new friends will you make, and which will you let go?

.as i venture into another year at HAMPTON UNIVERSITY!! i find myself asking these questions. it seems as i get older, i learn not to care about the things that i find my peers worrying about. i'm more concerned about leaving my mark academically and effecting people positively not just in the sense of being known or popular. i see that a lot of my peers are struggling with that issue. a lot of us haven't found ourselves yet. we are trying to be people that we aren't and some of us are trying to be that ideal hamptonian that we aren't. i feel that this year i will be more independent. it's just this feeling that i have over me. i like to be alone and what not and i feel that everyone should experience that alone time. going off into college and looking back on my freshman year, i see all of my mistake and exactly how vulnerable i was. some of the choices that i've made are pretty wild, but i've learned that i can do another year without making those same mistakes; so what if i lose those friendships that i once had? the goal of college, is to further your academic horizon and to better yourself. you can pay for school but you can't buy class; what are you gonna say you accomplished?

.i'm gonna make history.

[title from swagger like mine by T.I.-qouted directly from JiggamanHOV]

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