Tuesday, February 24, 2009

.i remember when my heart broke.

.so the honesty box bandit is back. someone wrote in my honesty box stating "you really thought he was going to leave her for you?!".

i didn't know that he was in the situation that he was in which ultimately put me in a situation. all i know is that i liked him something serious. i was digging the mess out of him so blindly that i didn't bring up the fact that we weren't in a relationship because it was him so i was with it. it was like the title didn't matter to me because we still had a special thing? did i want him to be my boyfriend, YES, do i still want him to be my boyfriend, i don't know. i would really need to see and be shown that a change is made. did i think that he was going to leave her for me? no, but i thought he was at least break up with her. but do i deserve to have someone who i don't know harass me in my honesty box for the past 3 weeks is intense. i don't deserve that especially from a female or male that won't even show their face to me. i deal with this situation every day. i don't need anyone to ask me questions like that and disrespect my feelings. and don't make me feel like a fool for forgiving him. i don't believe in holding grudges. i do forgive him and i catch myself letting feelings arise in me but i'm no fool and i don't think we'll allow for anyone to get hurt again. i just wish people like that would leave me alone. are you that hurt and pathetic that you choose to mess with my life? to try to bring me down? well i'm not going to sit here and let you do that to me. i'm amazing and so what he made mistakes, and so what i'm still his friend i'm still happy with my life and have no regrets.

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AR!3 said...

Bianca, this almost made me breakdown, its crazy how insensitive ppl are and how they judge a situation that they have never even been in themselves. But still I hope everything is ok now and I want to let you know that u are a wonderful person no matter what anyone says. Anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend, honestly i wish that we would have hung out more in high school. just keep your head up and don't let the haters get to you.