Sunday, March 8, 2009

.feels like i'm in crazy competition with the past.

.so i've been thinking about my high school years and even the years before that and i realized how easy my life was lol. its crazy how life gets when you grow up. I remember when i was younger and people used to tell me how tough it was and to value your youth and i never really paid much attention to it, but jeez if i could go back to that time and cherish those moments.

i was talking to my friend about it and she was telling me that she's ready to embrace the whole growing up thing but she feels like she's in competition with her past for the fact that she's striving for this guy to like her instead of the new girl that he's with. when she told me that i was like woooow that's deep. that she's thinking like "what did i do wrong? how did i change?" all i could say is that things change and you can't help that. she's a wonderful person and that's all that matters. she was telling me that everything he didn't like, he's with now. it's just one of those things darling. don't beat yourself up over it!!!!

lol i don't know why everyone comes to me about relationship issues. i am that good with advice? i try my hardest though to make people think about the happiness of the long term and then embrace that.

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