Sunday, March 8, 2009

.when i think of home.

.so i'm soooo in love with New Jersey. it's just a bomb place. I love living there! I'm twenty minutes away from New York, so i get the best of both words. it's just soo beautiful and it breeds even more beautiful people.

.when i'm home though, i feel like i don't spend that much time with everyone that wants to spend time with me. i play alll the people that want to take me on dates to meet up with fools that don't do anything lol. i'm going to start changing that. i have tons of friends and i'm going to start spending as much time with them as i can, and not try to spend time with the people that don't want to spend time with me lol.

i just wanted to let that be known. however; if you're a lame i'm NOT spending anytime with you at all. no thoughts about.

just kidding. :]

.can't wait to come home on tuesday. I got a date with this dude name Jersey and i can't waiiit to see him. ;]


AR!3 said...

I love Jersey too, not so much where I'm at right now tho lol. and when do u go back to school, maybe we can do something becuz my break starts friday.

BillionHeiress said...

yes yes yes... "no matter what they say I'm gon always be JerZie..."