Thursday, March 12, 2009

.i can feel it in the air.

.so i read my friends blog and she was talking about love. [of course that's allllll us girlllsss talk about lol] but she was saying something about how one person seems to change their feelings while the other one stays head over heels in love. right now, i'm feeling that change. things are feeling different in my heart right now. even as i'm typing this. it's such a refreshing feeling. it's like things are finally looking as if i can manage. and that's such a good feeling. it's different when you are at school, you know, to face things that are bothering you soooo much. but now that i'm home, right in the belly of what i'm facing, it feels like i have a second chance. i'm back to living my life better than how i was living it prior to anything ever happening to me. i'm excited.

.we'll see how things go in the summer though. people always seem to lose their minds when it gets hot outside. :]

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