Friday, May 29, 2009

.why are you so paranoid.

.so lastnight i was hanging out with a friend and it was around 1 something when we started to walk home lol. normally he doesn't walk me all the way home but lastnight, he said that he was paranoid and thought he should walk me all the way. i was thinking oh he's just trying to get on my good side and blah blah blah lol mind you, i wasn't quite in the right state. so we are walking home and this jew asks us if we could do him a favor. i immeadiately say yea lol and he's like wtf bianca, what are you thinking! so we have to follow him into his hall and i'm realizing that i'm MAD SCARED! lmao. so the jew takes us in the back with mad other jews and we are the only 2 black people there and he's like turn on this switch. i was mad close to touching it then i'm like i'm scared why can't you do it again. he says it's his holiday and he can't turn on lights lmao. im mad scared!!! so my friend ends up turning on the switch and we jump lol thinking it's about to electricute us and then we like run out of there. lol thank god that he was with me because i definitely could've gotten rape.

.the moral of that story is to just say no. lol to everything. say no.

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that one said...

the moral is to just say no. lol to everything. say no.

you are ridiculous. i love it.