Wednesday, June 3, 2009

.she works hard for the money.

.so if you don't know by now, now you know. i'm one of 8 interns at the Live with Regis and Kelly show. i work from 730 am to 6 pm UNPAID! it's killing my pockets- and those that are giving me money this summer- but it's totally worth it. the things that i will learn will make up for this summer of no pay. today Will Ferrell came to the show and it was amazing! i love love love Will Ferrell. he is so funny to me and the show was outstanding and hilarious. i'm soo blessed to have this job. i'm really excited about it and i love that i'm commuting into the city. i love to commute, i love the city and furthermore, i love the city in the summer. i really can't believe that things are working out for me the way that they are.

. now about my day. my day consists of answer phones, checking emails, dubbing tapes and dvds, running errands, being in charge of the ticket requests and distribution. it's just soo much and even though those are just a few of the things i have to do, those are things that are never finished. there is always an email to check, there is always a phone call that needs to be made or answered. i really love it. i hope that i can work in that environment or something like it. i can't wait until i get to take pictures with the people that i meet. :) i really feel important now.


the sweetest girl. said...

im so proud of you babygirl...keep doin your thing!! ♥

Journey2Perfection said...

I'm glad ur enjoying ur job!
I like mine too! Let me know when Chris Brown is schedule to come on there lol.