Wednesday, July 15, 2009

.all my women, who's independent!.

.now I'm all about being independent. I've written about it before and I'm very independent myself. I do things on my own, take on responsibilities, I'm not afraid to venture off and most importantly I'm not afraid to be alone and take care of myself.


.There are many females who have the whole "I don't need a man" mentality and I can dig it from a small stand point. Yeah I don't need a man at the end of the day because I know how to survive without one. The man is supposed to be the sole provider, the caretaker and all that but see my dad wasn't around like that and look how far I've come. So I know its possible without a man. However -there's that word again- women were made for men. We were made to be companions, counterparts, that piece to the puzzle. How can you say you don't need a man? How will you be complete?

Miss Independent all the way, who will hold you when you are down and out, who will make you feel beautiful on the days your mind lies to you? Who will hold you in the middle of the night? Who will be that joy you look forward to seeing? Who will be that face that always makes your heart smile

Loneliness is a terrible company to keep.

Isn't it Miss Independent?


Anonymous said...

great blog...fcku all that independent ish... when ya lonely, it goes out the window...

Bianca Lynn said...

:) thanks so much! especially coming from you. you're a bomb blogger. i dig your stories a lot.

but yep.. independence doesn't cure loneliness.

misztwillz said...

I love this blog!
lol miss independent is really an sexually liberated woman who cant get nobody to wife her and she was like well damn im not lonely, im independent.. haha