Thursday, July 2, 2009

.so we don't confirm the fling.

.you try and try to say "i don't care", "i'm over this", or "i tap out."
but yet everytime you try to leave something keeps pulling you back
and you keep questioning yourself "why do you keep doing this?"
but yet despite the warnings that shout out into your mind, you follow the path you were on.
but is that your conscience telling you what to do, or is it your heart?
or is it that you've been hurt before in the past, it's hard for you to be secure and settled into what this is?
you wonder "is this ever what we are going to be"
"will he find her and forget me"


.what killed me was that her picture, even though it was from years ago, was still in a frame on your desk while traces of me were nowhere evident-just my scent that can easily just be erased. i turned my cheek at that, but then i saw her name under favorites in your phone. my heart went cold. she was the only thing, the only name under favorites, she was the only picture in your room besides michael jordan. again i brought myself to this. my stupidity has gotten me again. all for hours of pleasure and imaginary bliss?

.i thought there were no more tears left in me for you.- it's true, i can't shed any tears for you even if i tried, but i did feel my heart cry.

i'm in the circle..yet again..

"i care about you, i really do like you despite what you think"

i didn't mention anything because we aren't even a confirmed fling. what place am i in? --i'm in MY place, the place of slight regard, of convienence, of confusion, of lust.

.pathetic=story of my life.

...maybe my pstones are coming, maybe not.

..all i seem to think about is how you look at me. i hate your eyes.

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