Wednesday, August 5, 2009

.touchin you; touchin me.

.so today I read a horoscope for sagittarius (only thee best sign) and it said something along the lines of me constantly wanting the physical and to be patient about it; that all people will think I want is physical and not them in a serious matter.

.Now first and foremost let me state this e x t r e m e l y* important fact. I'm not a whore;hoe;loose;promiscuous. I don't give my body out to anyone. I've only kissed like seriously kissed 7 guys the most.

.But I am a sagittarius and now that I think about it, most of the things I talk about is something along the lines of being physical. It doesn't necessarily mean I'm inquiring about their sex, but I want to know what if this or what if that. Does that make me obsessed with the physical? Am I giving out that impression that's all I'm about and all I want? I mean its not but sexuality and physicalness (if that's a word) fascinates me. The being of it is so wonderful and personal and hungry. I think its a beautiful thing. So I inquire about it. I think about it. I may even want it. But just because I want it doesn't mean I'll actually have the guts to go forth and pursue something like that. That's gross.

.This guy told me he doesn't kiss unless he's in love and I respect that one hundred percent. Kissing is such a passionate thing. With the right person. I've definitely learned the difference between that. Just simply kissing to kiss and kissing to share desire. -but I wonder with that dude, how many girls has he kissed? Like 2?. Ha ha. Cuz you can't give your love out like that. I don't think I have love in my heart for more than 2 guys. I'm only giving my heart 2 just in case the first one messes up. (Like he has already smh)

.Idk that just bothered me. Lol like geeez being me is bittersweet I guess. I mean I'm honest but I guess I have to hold back on my curiosity. Who knows?

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