Monday, November 30, 2009

.big girls don't cry.

.so i just had a birthday [1127] and i'm now 20 years old. i've been around for 2 decades. and i may just be dramatic as usual but i feel like this is it. "when i was a child, i had childish ways". i'm not a child anymore. life is definitely moving on and it's not leaving me behind. i know that age is simply a number but i feel like now it's time to change. i'm getting myself ready for the rest of my life starting 3 days ago. now it's time to put away my childish ways.

.about my birthday :]
`i got shown a lot of love and i'm so appreciative of it. i didn't really do much, just hang out with some friends and spent most of the time with my family. i didn't see my father though. and that saddens me. i need to get my relationship up with him. that's my resolution. i talked to some old friends and some new ones. all in all i had a smile on my face the whole time :D

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