Monday, November 30, 2009

.you're nothing but a liar, a cheater.

.so my friend asked on twitter "what's the definition of cheating?" and it really made me ponder because i mean at some point in our lives we've cheated, been cheated on, or been the cheatee, but what does it really mean to people? it must not mean much to some since cheating is at times a consistent thing or it may be so minuscule to someone and they don't even know that they are cheating. all in all, it's something that's done whether intentional or not.

`so i answered the question as loving someone else mentally or physically while being emotionally tied down to someone else. i feel like cheating is something that you do continuously. whether you are just sexing one person or having a "just friends" that communicate on that intimate level mentally, it's something that you can't say no to. and with me, i can't say no to the things that i love. yeah love may sound a bit serious to say when it comes to cheating because some people can just sleep with anyone,-but how i see it, if you are able to just sleep with anyone then you aren't cheating because you didn't make that emotional bond with your girlfriend or boyfriend. you can't cheat on someone so easily that you truly care about IN MY EYES. but see those are the terms if you aren't married. if you are married and you simply just have sex with someone or multiple people, it's definitely cheating because you made a vow before God to that person. but if you are living the life of an unmarried person, those are the standards of cheating that i go by.

.what about you? what do you think?

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