Monday, February 15, 2010

.whoever said love was overrated, must not be getting none.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and it was good. I feel as a single lady, I got a lot of love from the expected and unexpected. Valentine's Day for me, wasn't just about getting gifts and going out with that girlfriend or boyfriend. It was about getting to spend time with myself, a day just for me. Yes, I can do this any day, it doesn't have to just be Valentine's Day but I've been really busy and I've been following my goals, so I gave myself some time to relax and pamper myself in the way I know best, that way I would not be let down or disappointed. I talked to my close friends and family, and though we often express love for each other, we did again. I just spent the day embracing all forms of love. Not just love from the opposite sex, but love from all different ends of the spectrum.

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