Thursday, November 11, 2010

.can i please have a moment of silence?.

.why is that when you give someone an inch, they take a foot. i'm not talking about being used, because everyone is supposed to be used. (who wants to be useless?) i'm talking about people mistaking your niceness and taking advantage of it. i have some friends who enjoy being around me and my roommate and we genuinely enjoy being around them too but i NEED MY SPACE! there has been someone in my house, my bed, my space for just about two weeks. i don't my mind my girls but these are some guys that aren't getting the picture. they are even eating our food, taking my car, just ODing. the only way the fix this problem, would be to tell them to leave which i'm EXTREMELY close in doing so, but then i'd sound like a b-tch. i'd come off rude and that's not my intentions. i don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but what about my feelings? i'm harboring annoyance and it's not going to end up in a healthy state. i don't want to be annoyed and frustrated in my own home. i'm going to end up being mean and frank. maybe i should just be honest now to avoid it. i'll have to have a sit down with these people. honesty is the best policy right?

lol i guess in times like these i can relate to those with communication issues. :p

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