Wednesday, November 10, 2010

.I leave females in my sheets, and my feelings in the rubber.

How discouraging. I have plenty of thoughts and feelings about this but I'm not sure. I'm so naive when it comes to this sad to say. However it is fun to be on the dating scene. It's interesting to see how long someone will date you or even talk to you without you coming over on the late night. I don't put much or any feelings to the guys I allow to court me.

.that in itself is kind of scary. My roommate asks me all the time if I like someone and my answer is always I dont know. I mean yeah I like people but it's never for quite that long or I'm just attracted to them for a time period. Im hot and cold to every guy that I've liked. One minute I like them and want to be with them and then the next minute I'm skeptical. At one point during the summer, I dated and spent time with 3 guys. I was single so there wasn't anything wrong with it, but I didn't know who I really liked. One day I liked one and the next I liked the other. I even went as far as commiting to a relationship with one because I wanted to do the right thing but that didnt last lol. That was all bad. I dont have a commitment problem, I just have a feeling problem. I think it's because I'm never really sure what my opposite wants. I'm always skeptical even when things are perfect. Always have a guard up. I've never fully given myself to anyone. Hmmmmm

. How did this post about guys and their desire for just sex end up about me and my skepticism. Sheeesh

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