Wednesday, November 10, 2010


.I'm sorry but I HATE when I hear people claim that they are misunderstood. I think that is such a terrible excuse to hide behind. Do you ever sit back and think why you are "misunderstood"? Have you considered that maybe you don't properly explain yourself? That maybe it's almost impossible to understand you? And if you feel like you're misunderstood, then help someone understand you better. Most things in life have solutions and when you dont utilize those solutions but instead hide behind that misunderstood excuse, to me, it displays nothing but laziness. As humans, weve always had some form of communication whether it was writing on the inside of caves, drawing out the things we wanted to say, or even sign language. There are tons of ways of getting your message across. Communication is such an easy thing and It kills me to know and encounter people that still can't utilize it properly.

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