Sunday, November 14, 2010

.just gotta make it.

.so a good friend of mine just got into a really BOMB program that i knew from day one that he was going to get accepted in and in hearing that great news, i got scared. i'm absolutely proud of him -one of the proudest actually. and in my happiness i looked at myself and i thought, oh my gosh.

i have to do something with my life.

it's not that i'm doubting myself because i have some good accomplishments but that time for me to actually get into things and get a job is slowly approaching and i'm getting nervous. i don't want to be one of those people that went to school for something and ended up doing something completely opposite and in reality wasted time and money in school. just being in the environment that i was in at my two internships just set the burning desire to be in that world even higher. i want it so bad. i want it more than i've wanted anything or anyone. i'm extremely lusting for this. hearing his news just upped the bar for me. now i'm grinding on top of my previous grind. i want to make someone proud like he made me proud. this is a big transition that i'm stepping into. it's november i graduate in may. Lord help me.

all i can do is pray and have faith and right now i'm releasing it into God's hands. i mean of course i'm going to do my part. but i can't worry too much. things will happen as they are supposed to. but i have to push and have dedication for it. and it's there. i'm pushing.

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