Tuesday, August 2, 2011

.i'm conceited, I got a reason.

Ever notice how the real pretty girls have probably the worst self-esteem are almost never in a relationship?

It's because pretty girls are pretty girls. Guys don't normally think to give that girl a compliment or pay her the attention that's deserving of her, because "so many people have told her that she's gorgeous before." Well I guess not-so-great minds think alike also. I can't tell you how many guys that I know that have told me that they thought I was in a relationship or I already know that I'm beautiful and that they are sure that I've heard it plenty of times. Sure I get complimented every now and then, but not as much as one would think, or as much as I'd like to hear.

It's definitely a flaw to being a pretty girl. Everyone thinks that you are taken or that you are out of their league. You hardly get a chance. It sucks that people are so nervous or timid to actually find out for themselves, the status of my relationship. Being too nervous to compliment a pretty girl is terrible.

What really sucks is that all of the not-so-attractive people, have no problem gathering up the courage to let someone know that they are interested. It's funny how the cookie crumbles.

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