Tuesday, August 2, 2011

.wake me up when september ends.

No it's not quite September yet, but it's almost here! This horrid summer of 2011 is almost over. It's so crazy to be in the exact same place that held all the excitement and passion of last year's summer. I've literally been complaining about it to everyone and this has to be my last venue to release my frustrations. I just had high hopes for this summer..quite frankly for this YEAR and it's been nothing but let down after let down. (with the exception of graduating college, going to France, and seeing Kid Cudi in concert.)

Why this summer has sucked:

*I've been sick 3 times this summer. Sinus congestion, Cold, and a Sore Throat

*I had a stiff neck for 4 days last week and this week I'm on my sinus congestion (smh)

*I went to the beach, got scratched up, and the bruise has yet to leave my body

*I've spent 7 weekends in the house..alone..which wouldn't be too terrible IF I WASN'T ALWAYS HOME DURING THE WEEK!

*I've been on 5 job interviews that relate to the field of television and got rejected by all of them.
--I wasn't rejected because of a common interview flop, but because I just simply wasn't wanted. It wasn't my ability to work, -that actually got me my interview, but it was because there was something about me, that they just didn't like or didn't mesh well with them.
How do you know what to fix about yourself after 5 rejections? What do you think that does to a dramatic person's self-esteem?

*I've probably gotten 3 good nights of sleep.

*I need serious money

*I'm unsure if I'm going to the Watch The Throne concert.

and to top it all off!!!

*I was rejected by the guy I love. (not quite sure yet on the exact depth of that love, but hey, me thinking about it now is pretty irrelevant considering he doesn't feel the same and apologized for .... *sigh I won't even get into it.) The honesty was appreciated and definitely needed. Gotta accept it and move on. Leave it and him alone.

January- April = depression :(
May = :) ahh life just may be turning around for me
June- now = Rejection :'(

I'm what.. 1 for 8?
`oh joy.

*exhale* --now that it's out. I have no choice but to move on and let it go. I will admit I'm petrified of what the fall and winter has in store for me. "/

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