Thursday, March 29, 2012


You want to know the one thing that truly makes me cringe, my blood boil and grinds my gears in the most unGodly way??

When people say something and they don't do it. Especially people who I know won't follow through with their talk. Why do you continue to lie about things? Is it a sick game that you like to play? If we both know you aren't about that life, then why talk like it? Like why do you want to be consistent in doing the worst thing? Why even continue to tell me things you're going to do? It's not that I believe you anymore; oh I know you're not dependable, but you've not been there or didn't come through so many times and you know how bothered that makes me, yet you continue to do it. Digging the hole even deeper. Just leave me alone with your broken promises, and weak words. Oh and I hate when the excuse "I was just joking" comes into play. Joking only goes so far especially when you know from the core you aren't going to follow through. No you're not joking. You're a liar who gets some sick thrill off of making people think you're going to be there, that you're dependable. Well buddy I've learned your ways. Once a person shows you who they are, believe them. You've shown and I believe. I'm just annoyed because even after all of that, you still lie. Don't you see I have no faith anymore? And you further prove my thoughts right? Cut it out!!!

Accountability, responsibility and dependability. Those are 3 important characteristics to have. Can you say you have those? And even if you do but you don't want to be those things for someone, don't make it seem like you are. Whats the point?

I just want to be around people that are about their words. That I can count on. That follow through. When they say they are going to be there, they are there. If that's not you, fine. Just don't act like it is.

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