Friday, March 23, 2012

.You're making me feel that everything is alright.

Ah Spring is in the New York City air. :)

I'm wrapping up my second work week and though I'm still adjusting to the late working hours and early rising hours, I'm still managing to go and hang out after work. Last week I got backstage passes to a Rick Ross concert, which I'm not even a fan of, and had a really good time. Before going to the concert I met up with some people and went to a happy hour at a local pub and just enjoyed myself. This is something that I've been ITCHING to do since I interned at Regis and Kelly. It's just something so romantic and wonderful about NYC in the spring and summertime. Last night I had a dinner and movie date after work <3 We got passes to see an advanced screening of "American Pie: Reunion" and it was great! The movie was hilarious and dinner after was perfect. Much needed. It felt great considering I haven't been on a date in a while since I was dealing with all of that drama. It was nice.

I can't help but look forward to the upcoming months. I can't wait to go spring/summer shopping so that I can actually look appealing around the work area. I work in Midtown so there's tons of corporate cuties. But being that I work for television, I don't have to wear a dress suit, heels and stockings everyday. I pretty much dress how I want to and though I'm looking good, I'm not looking like everyone else when it's time to hit the bar after work lol. In the spring and summer, it's so much easier to seem appealing, well that's when I want to seem appealing anyways lol.

Everything is going good. I love going out and exploring New York after work.


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