Monday, April 9, 2012

.You said that we can kiss the past goodbye.

Ran into one of those "if you don't want me then don't talk me" this weekend.

`If you don't want me, then don't talk to me.

I guess it's not that simple.

How is it that I'm always forced to play the reaction game when I can't win any way I play? When I will always be wrong and some how it's my fault and my reasonings and strategies don't and won't ever make sense?

What are you holding on for?

This weekend when in VA, I met up with some old friends and saw a crush. It felt nice to flirt again. I even went as far as subtweeting, then admitting it. lol Man I miss the butterflies, the getting to know someone. The excitement! The going out. I miss going out on dates! The talking all the time. Not just during the weekdays and seldomly on the weekends.

"When I was with Mr.Trife him, I missed Mr.Immature you.
When I was with Mr.Immature you, I missed Mr. Trife him."

Either way I wasn't happy.

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